Building & protecting wealth based on a foundation of trust and collaboration

We pride ourselves on forging strong, collaborative relationships with our clients, whilst managing their hard-earned wealth with the care and respect it deserves.

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Wealth Management Services

We work collaboratively with our clients to convert their goals and aspirations into sensible advice and financial plans for the future.

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Financial Planning

A solid financial plan serves as an important guide to help you make good decisions, measure progress, plan for both the expected and unexpected and knowing whether you are on track along the way.

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Investment Management

We believe a long-term investment strategy that incorporates an asset allocation framework is the key to providing consistent, risk-adjusted returns to meet our clients’ objectives.

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Administration Services

Our portfolio administration service consolidates the management of all aspects of your investment portfolio, enabling you to use your time more effectively on other pursuits.

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Our commitment to you.

Our highly-valued and loyal clients tell us that what sets us apart from others in our field include:

  • Our independence
  • Our integrated in-house service offering
  • Our pro-active approach to client service
  • Our personalised client relationships

At Intralink, we believe these characteristics are the direct result of the talented, professional and dedicated team that we have built, the skills and expertise that we bring to our clients, and our unwavering focus on our clients’ needs.

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We are proud of doing things differently at Intralink.

First and foremost, we put you and your goals front and centre in everything we do. We have designed a business model that helps us serve you better.

Intralink has a longer-term client base than is typical: 87% have been with Intralink for 4 or more years.

Macquarie VAN Propensity Report

Clients tend to have had a substantial ongoing relationship with their adviser, with 81% using their current adviser at least 4 years.

Macquarie VAN Propensity Report

Client satisfaction is strong, with 56% of clients rating Intralink’s overall performance as outstanding, and 79% rating between 9+ out of 10.

Macquarie VAN Propensity Report

Intralink excels in integrity and professionalism, as well as their ability to clearly explain recommendations.

Macquarie VAN Propensity Report

92% of Intralink's clients feel valued by their adviser

Macquarie VAN Propensity Report
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Meet our expert team

With years of experience, we are here to help our clients with tailored plans to suit every individual.

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Discover your perfect investment strategy

This is where we look for the right blend of investments for your portfolio, considering income, growth, volatility and your objectives.

We need to agree on an asset allocation that is suitable given your situation, objectives, risk and return requirements.


As a rule, investments which are “expected” to produce the highest long-term returns are also the most volatile in the short term. There is no right or wrong decision.


The decision should be based on your personal priorities. Whatever mix is right for you, it is important to be informed of the consequences of these decisions.


Following a meeting with your Adviser, we discuss your circumstances and determine what a suitable risk profile for your individual circumstance and goals

What our clients say about us

We have worked with Intralink, in particular our adviser Christian Jarrad, for many years. After some agonising experiences with other Financial Advisers, we were directed to Intralink by colleagues, and since then have been extremely satisfied with their level of professional support, contact, advice and assistance. So much so that I have arranged for my mother's finances to be managed by Intralink as well, and for that we are extremely satisfied. We are also very comfortable with Intralink's level of "hands on" advice on all accounts.

Mark & Jan

The Service at Intralink has been outstanding, accurate, professional, easy to understand and extremely beneficial in decision making. I was a novice investor and wanted to develop a varied and safe portfolio. I also wanted to provide a sound financial platform for my future and that of my family. Specifically to have enough money to put my children through private education. As a result I am less stressed about the future. Paul Sharkey gives me terrific advice on how my shares & investments are tracking. What to hold. What to do. How to preserve assets and how to manage my funds and my future investments. This is critical to me.Only that since meeting Paul I have developed strategies that have really helped me and my family. That I know I am in good hands which is reassuring in tough times like the present. That I trust him and know he is looking out for me and that I am not just a number to him. That this is about more to him than just a "deal" with a client.


We have been working with Christian at Intralink for almost 10 years now and couldn't be happier with the service. Christian's warm and friendly demeanour is punctuated with clever advice and an ingrained knowledge of the financial markets. He always listens carefully to our plans, and provides highly bespoke and expert strategies to suit our needs. We have absolute confidence in Intralinks wider investment strategy and management of our portfolio. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others.

Lloyd & Jane

Some eight years ago I recognised my need for someone to help me. After interviewing many financial planners I met Mark Serry. It was and is a match made in heaven. Mark is caring and helpful. His nurturing and selfless methods of getting things done timeously is legendary and he is not just a wonderful human being he is also very very bright and lateral thinking with a raft of outstanding degrees to his name. Together with the team at INTRALINK the network is first class  and amazing and opportunities for better, smarter investments do not pass him by. Ensuring that your wealth is in good hands is very important. It was a wonderful day when I met Mark and it has been an amazing ride.


Tim, Paul and Ben have been terrific in their management of my portfolio. Transparency and clear communication is paramount in any relationship and they excell in this area. I am delighted that I made the decision to move my portfolio to Intralink Wealth Management.

Wayne & Lisa

Seeing all the angles.

We did not find a better way by following the crowd. In a complex and ever-changing world, we are always on the lookout for new ways to enhance the guidance and services we provide.

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