Alternative Investments

Our fundamental goal is to preserve our clients’ wealth, we have a broad understanding of each asset class, deep institutional relationships, and a network that gives us access to identifying unique investment opportunities that help provide true diversification and manage risk.

While we manage most of the portfolio directly, we look for boutique operators who have a unique skill set. Often these offerings are difficult for individual investors to access and the investments can be hard to evaluate. Having the investment team in-house to analyse and evaluate these alternatives, is a major benefit to clients.

Most of these are only available to wholesale investors and are via specialist managers or offered via the family offices of ultra-high net worth family groups.

We make sure we understand the strategy and look for a special skill or advantage that allows for significant value add.

We also have a joint venture which allows us to offer various, mostly private debt investments to our clients, with much lower minimum investments than normal giving clients access and diversity where this would not otherwise be possible. This was built to provide low risk private loans that can generate solid interest, in a world where defensive investments provide very low returns.

Key benefits of alternative investments include:

  • Lowly correlated to gain portfolio diversification
  • Higher correlation now exists between equities, bonds and listed property – now move in unison as a result of central bank policies
  • Minimizing portfolio volatility leads to long term success.