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Covid19 Medical and Economic Impacts Explained Webinar Part 1 – Medical

We find media reports can be misleading and that the government is providing rules and instructions with little explanation of our end goal. It is all very unclear.

We have all heard about flattening the curve to stop hospitals getting overrun, but what happens next? That is the critical stage.

Below is a presentation from Intralink’s Head of Strategic Advice, Mark Serry regarding the Covid19 virus:

This is the first of a two part presentation, focusing on the virus and how it could play out over time. It gives you a deeper level understanding and the reasons for actions, so you know what crucial variables to look out for and what can be expected. We have provided a calculator / projector that allows you to put in your own variations to see the implications.

The second presentation will focus on the economic impact and the policy actions taken to protect the economy. Together they will give you a solid understanding of the issues and allow you to more effectively communicate with your adviser.

We hope to make you better informed, so you have some comfort during a time when there is mass confusion and uncertainty.

Please send any questions you have to your adviser and they will respond directly or feel free to forward your e-mail to Mark at mserry@intralink.com.au.


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