Debt Management Strategies

Expert assistance to choose the best debt management solution for you.

Your mortgage broker specialist in conjunction with your Intralink advisor will take into consideration how your debt strategy will impact your long term financial position.

They will assist you to identify the right mortgage product to best suit your short, medium and long term debt needs.

Depending on your situation there will likely be opportunities to optimise your debt management strategy by using a combination of flexible lending products.

There is a diverse range of options to consider including:

  • Owning your home faster – Increasing loan repayments amounts and/or frequency to reduce the loan balance sooner.
  • Interest savings with cash flow flexibility – Using mortgage offset or loan redraw facilities to reduce interest being paid while retaining access to the equity you have built up in your home loan.
  • Debt consolidation – Combining personal loans and credit card debt in with your home loan to save on total interest paid.
  • Tax benefits – ensuring you are structured to maximise your potential tax deductions.

We know the market and have the experience to ensure your debt management strategy will be correctly structured for you.

Couple_Debt Strategies

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