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Economics Explained

To most people economics might as well be in another language. Lots of charts and numbers and words that mean nothing to most people. The following link is to a 30 minute video about Economics. It provides you with a simple, concise and meaningful outline of economics, that is in line with how we see the world. It is produced by Ray Dalio, who set up and ran the biggest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Capital. He is a high intelligence individual, yet he explains a very complex topic in a way that makes sense.

He is a risk conscious investor, who has stood the test of time. Bridgewater manages funds for big institutions and countries (not easy to meet their $7.5 billion in investable assets minimum requirement) and these sophisticated investors are looking for returns, with a strong focus on dynamic risk control, the approach we take at Intralink.

We hope that you find the video interesting and informative.


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