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Financial Planning: Where exactly do I want to go?

For most people, wealth in itself is not the destination. It’s just the vehicle. So where exactly do you want to go?

When we ask that simple question, it kicks off an invigorating process of digging and dreaming and definition. It gives your life context. With our expert guidance, the result becomes a custom strategic plan that creates the context for your long-term financial strategy and aligns with your personal goals. It provides the structure for every financial decision you make.

At Intralink, planning and investing go hand-in-hand.  The calibre of plan we create encompasses a lot. It anticipates and answers questions like:

– When can I retire?
– What is the best way to save for my retirement?
– Can I leave my lucrative career and pursue another passion?
– If I do, will my standard of living or investment profile need to change?
– How will I fund my kids’ education?
– If I live to be 105, will I have enough money?
– How do I keep taxes from taking a big bite out of my assets?
– Will my family be OK if I get hit by a bus?
– How can I transfer my wealth to the next generation?

Your plan reflects the combined professional expertise of our wealth managers, and integrates with your accountant, estate lawyers and other team members. It’s rich and rigorous. And when it’s in place, with us guiding you through every step of its implementation and ongoing steps, you’re going to feel an incredible pressure release. As we say at Intralink it will pass the “pillow test”.  When your head hits the pillow it is something you are not going to have to worry about as you are heading along the pathway you want and dream about.



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