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Intralink Mortgage Solutions could save you money

At Intralink we always strive to provide you the highest quality advice and service.

However, in the past when it came to home loan finance, we would usually refer you to a reputable mortgage broker.

A recent report highlighted that most Australians cannot remember what interest rate they are paying or the full details of their home loan. With regular interest rate fluctuations and banks no longer passing on rate cuts in full, its well worthwhile to know if your current home loan is still the best option for you.

To ensure our clients and families are optimising their resources Intralink has initiated a relationship with a salary based mortgage broker, to offer you Intralink Mortgage Solutions. This partnership enables us to provide competitive mortgage solutions tailored to your latest circumstances.

We’ve received very positive feedback from clients using this service, in terms of making the process easy, achieving reduced interest rates and ensuring the loan has the features suited to each client’s individual needs.

A major benefit of this relationship is we review your loan every three years, ensuring it remains competitive and right for you. This proactive stance is not offered by your bank, as it is usually in their best interest to offer you the highest rate that you will accept when you initially borrow, not the lowest they may be able to offer you later, if interest rates have dropped.

Test the market with a Home Loan Health Check

With the current low interest rate environment, it’s a great time to be reviewing your current home loan, but often it’s hard to just ‘get started’. Our Home Loan Health Check is the easy way to ensure your current home loan is still competitive as well as meeting your financial goals.

Reasons to refinance your home loan may include:

Intralink Lge Petal Graphic 3 Col:Line Interest rate savings – It may be the right time to capitalise on interest rate movements or adjust your mix of fixed vs variable loan components. There may also be cost savings if you have a loan product with features that you do not need.

Intralink Lge Petal Graphic 3 Col:Line New lending products – Current competition between lenders means there may be new or refreshed products better suited to your requirements that could save you money.

Intralink Lge Petal Graphic 3 Col:Line Change of circumstances – Your borrowing requirements may have changed. You may be thinking about a new home, renovating your existing home, an investment property or unlocking the equity in your home. Or you may wish to reduce your payments or consolidate some debts.

Whatever has got you thinking about your home loan, a Home Loan Health Check allows you to comprehensively compare your loan with other loans and lending products from over 30 different banks and lenders.

It only takes a few minutes to collect the information we need to get started.

Our mortgage broker partner, in conjunction with your Intralink advisor, will provide you with a report on the best options available listing, interest rates, fees, monthly repayments and all relevant information. We will also review and advise on the loan structure most suited to your current or changed requirements.

To see how much money you could save call your Intralink advisor for more information today on 03 9629 1100.

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