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At Intralink we have clearly defined investment philosophy and we want to manage investments for people who value and understand our approach. We seek to educate clients, so we can work as effectively as possible with you and ensure full transparency.

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Our Investment Philosophy

At Intralink we have close relationships with our clients, so we can work together to help you achieve your goals. This means understanding your situation, needs, hopes and concerns.

This personal focus ensures that we think in great depth about the best ways to invest to achieve your goals. It also means we pay particular attention to building portfolios that are resilient and have low likelihood of significant and irrecoverable losses.

This along with our disciplined approach and a willingness to make significant moves in terms of asset allocation is what defines our investment approach.

While we seek good returns, preservation of capital is paramount.

Our focus is on buying quality investments at reasonable prices. Using our in-house expertise as well as external relationships with some best-of-breed specialists, we take a personalised and sophisticated approach to managing your funds.

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The Process

The investment process consists of six vital steps when constructing portfolios with a focus on high quality investments that will not suffer longer term damage in the current environment.

Asset Allocation

Create a mix of investments to reduce risk and allow you to invest in a highly volatile environment when asset prices are more attractive. With a focus on high-quality shares, you achieve the desired return without leaving you exposed to unacceptable losses.


Examine how different investments are driven by different events and understand the best ways to achieve the desired outcomes.


Understanding how your various investments respond to different circumstances to avoid placing too much reliance on a single asset.

Return Potential and Exposure

Understand how exposed to risk your investments are and what can be done to minimize it.

Investment Quality

We look for sound, long-term investments in companies with a stable track record and strong position in the industry they operate in, creating more opportunities for investment growth.

Alternative Investments

We manage most of the portfolio directly, we look for boutique operators who have a unique skill set.

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This is where we look for the right blend of investments for your portfolio, considering income, growth, volatility and your objectives.

We need to agree on an asset allocation that is suitable given your situation, objectives, risk and return requirements.


As a rule, investments which are “expected” to produce the highest long-term returns are also the most volatile in the short term. There is no right or wrong decision.


The decision should be based on your personal priorities. Whatever mix is right for you, it is important to be informed of the consequences of these decisions.


Following a meeting with your Adviser, we discuss your circumstances and determine what a suitable risk profile for your individual circumstance and goals