Investment Management

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Our clear, unwavering goal is to create a co-operative, long-term relationship with each one of our clients so that we can provide an appropriate and optimum investment solution based on each one’s individual financial objectives.

Everything we do is based on mutual and trusted partnership.

Initially, we take the time to appraise and understand your unique situation, and then we construct a portfolio to reflect your personal requirements. All of our clients’ portfolios are managed on an Individually Managed Account (IMA) basis, which enables you to establish your own risk and return profile, tax strategy and ethical screens.

As a client, you’ll receive regular updates and have direct access to our investment team at all times. This structure enables us to respond to changes in individual requirements as well as market conditions – in a timely and effective way.

Every aspect of Intralink’s investment process is guided by our Investment Committee, who meet on a regular basis to discuss new investment trends and strategies, prevailing market conditions, and pin-pointed securities that may be of interest to our clients.

Equiped with this vital data and current information gathered from other planning processes, our planning advisers are able to construct customised private client portfolios.

We are strong advocates of direct investments in the portfolio construction process. Our extensive research and experience of investing directly into equities, property and fixed interest, has consistently produced greater control efficiencies and enhanced returns for our clients. Importantly, all investments are held in the name of the client, or their relevant entity. While Intralink provides a service, you always retain complete ownership.

In addition, due to our scale and strong market relationships, we’re able to identify numerous opportunities for investing in various other unlisted and sophisticated investor offerings. While we reject the vast majority of them, there are some high-quality investment opportunities that we are able to present to our clients.

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