Investment Process

Responsible wealth management is not about simply picking some appealing investments.

Our disciplined approach incorporates a comprehensive and structured investment process that involves critically important decisions like:

  • Asset allocation (your mix of stocks, property, fixed interest and cash)
  • Sub-asset allocation (sectors, countries, capitalisation, growth/value)
  • Security selection
  • Investment reviews

We apply these tools with respect to major life events like children’s education, home purchases, income needs, retirement and succession.

So in the process of building your portfolio, we take all these important considerations into account.

Our investment process is fundamental to the investment management service we provide, allowing enough flexibility for our investment team to build individual portfolios and also ensuring your objectives are met.

The process is organic – constantly evolving and constantly being monitored. That’s why we invest in the best-credentialed people and the most up-to-the-minute resources, to ensure it remains robust, adaptable and capable of meeting our clients’ needs and expectations.

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