Masterclass Calendar

  • Tue
    Date: 22 October 2019

    The normal rules do not apply! A bubble represents an extreme state of the investor psyche, where the normal valuation methods and considerations can be bypassed. They’re the great destroyer of wealth and can cause huge economic pain if funded by high levels of debt.

    In this presentation we’ll look at how Intralink engages in dynamic risk management as risks and circumstances change, seeking to minimise the risks of large portfolio losses that occur when markets in general or in specific areas experience big falls.

    We’ll unpack the factors that lead to significant financial crises like the GFC and the Great Depression, and explore what actions we can take to protect your portfolio when these factors occur.

All presentations will be held at the Intralink office at Level 10, 360 Collins Street Melbourne.

Call Intralink for more information and to confirm your attendance on 03 9629 1100.

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