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At Intralink we have close relationships with our clients, so we can work together to help you achieve your goals. This means understanding your situation, needs, hopes and concerns.

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Personalised approach to investing

This personal focus ensures we can discover the best ways to help you reach your investment goals. It also means we pay particular attention to building portfolios that are resilient and have low likelihood of significant and irrecoverable losses.

Our disciplined approach includes a willingness to make significant moves in terms of asset allocation, and while we seek good returns, preservation of capital is paramount.

Risk and Return

Intralinks’s task is to minimise the risk for any given expected return level and ensure that the most prudent actions are taken over time, rather than committing the many common mistakes that investors often make.

We aim to ensure you have the greatest chance of success by monitoring both your goals and your position as they change over time. This is real-life investing.

Our investment approach is best highlighted by the following factors:

  • Goal based;
  • Thinking about investments from the clients’ perspective and taking responsibility for the outcomes
  • Building portfolios of high-quality investments
  • Diversification
  • Active risk management
  • Using our expertise and connections to give clients access to high-value investment opportunities that would otherwise be difficult for them to access
  • Promote cost and tax efficiency
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What our clients say about us

We have worked with Intralink, in particular our adviser Christian Jarrad, for many years. After some agonising experiences with other Financial Advisers, we were directed to Intralink by colleagues, and since then have been extremely satisfied with their level of professional support, contact, advice and assistance. So much so that I have arranged for my mother's finances to be managed by Intralink as well, and for that we are extremely satisfied. We are also very comfortable with Intralink's level of "hands on" advice on all accounts.

Mark & Jan

The Service at Intralink has been outstanding, accurate, professional, easy to understand and extremely beneficial in decision making. I was a novice investor and wanted to develop a varied and safe portfolio. I also wanted to provide a sound financial platform for my future and that of my family. Specifically to have enough money to put my children through private education. As a result I am less stressed about the future. Paul Sharkey gives me terrific advice on how my shares & investments are tracking. What to hold. What to do. How to preserve assets and how to manage my funds and my future investments. This is critical to me.Only that since meeting Paul I have developed strategies that have really helped me and my family. That I know I am in good hands which is reassuring in tough times like the present. That I trust him and know he is looking out for me and that I am not just a number to him. That this is about more to him than just a "deal" with a client.


We have been working with Christian at Intralink for almost 10 years now and couldn't be happier with the service. Christian's warm and friendly demeanour is punctuated with clever advice and an ingrained knowledge of the financial markets. He always listens carefully to our plans, and provides highly bespoke and expert strategies to suit our needs. We have absolute confidence in Intralinks wider investment strategy and management of our portfolio. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others.

Lloyd & Jane

Some eight years ago I recognised my need for someone to help me. After interviewing many financial planners I met Mark Serry. It was and is a match made in heaven. Mark is caring and helpful. His nurturing and selfless methods of getting things done timeously is legendary and he is not just a wonderful human being he is also very very bright and lateral thinking with a raft of outstanding degrees to his name. Together with the team at INTRALINK the network is first class  and amazing and opportunities for better, smarter investments do not pass him by. Ensuring that your wealth is in good hands is very important. It was a wonderful day when I met Mark and it has been an amazing ride.


Tim, Paul and Ben have been terrific in their management of my portfolio. Transparency and clear communication is paramount in any relationship and they excell in this area. I am delighted that I made the decision to move my portfolio to Intralink Wealth Management.

Wayne & Lisa