Our Story

Our Story

Can you believe there’s a financial adviser who actually puts your interests first?

We started Intralink over 20 years ago because we knew our industry wasn’t putting its clients’ best interests at the centre of their services. In the two decades since we’ve worked hard to create and implement proven wealth strategies that enhance our clients’ lives and help them meet their important life goals.

We do it by combining years of experience and up-to-the-minute data with an unwavering commitment to providing informed, objective advice. And we listen – taking time to understand exactly what you need, and where you want to go.

We know that a disciplined integration of financial planning, investment management and portfolio administration can help build and protect your wealth, and lead to financial security. This strategic inter-linking of key financial services is what gives us our name.

Fiercely independent, experienced, trusted.

We are Intralink, and we bring wealth to life.

Firm Snapshot

  • We were founded in 1991
  • We’re privately owned and truly independent
  • We provide in-house strategic advice, investment management, portfolio administration and tax package services
  • We focus on a wide range of investments, not just shares or managed funds
  • We have a consistent leadership team with high employee and client retention
  • We’re licensed by ASIC to operate Individually Managed Accounts for wholesale and retail clients

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