Poles Apart

  • 06 Oct 2018
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Poles Apart

Across the world politics remains more polarised than we have seen for decades. It seems like the loudest voices are coming from the extremes on either side, which can lead to bad policy and a very divided community. The extremes will never agree, nor can they even hope to represent the people. Far right-wing parties are coming out from the cold in Europe, China legalised a Dictator for life, the US has Trump and Australia looks like a sure thing at the moment, even though Shorten remains very unpopular with voters.

If you look back at history, major economic problems have consistently led to this sort of politics. People are understandably frustrated by what has occurred and they see the issues being caused by others, whether it is bankers, immigrants or some other group. The GFC and related European crisis has had major political implications and unfortunately, when we most need cool heads and to come together, we hear more from the extremes, who more often than not, take an overly simplistic approach based on emotion, not understanding.

We believe that people need to stop looking for the perfect solution or the utopia that does not exist. You do not jump from one idea to another. You look at what works and what needs to be improved. If we all look to be a little kinder, more ethical, or more community minded, we can make the world a better place to be over time. While sometimes the news makes you shake your head, the reality is that we are some of the luckiest people in human history and we have more freedom and wealth than ever before.

Pure Capitalism is not the answer, but Socialism has often been a failure when it has been tried. This can lead to disaster and a Dictator taking over. Maybe a more compassionate version on Capitalism is what we need. It can certainly be done, but it does not fit into the black and white view of populist governments.

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