Positioning, not Predicting webinar

  • 19 Dec 2019
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Positioning, not Predicting webinar

Recently we had our third presentation of our Investor Masterclass series which we held in our Boardroom covering the topic, “Positioning, not Predicting”. We presented this topic three times in the boardroom, however we understand that many people could not attend, so for those that weren’t able to attend or those that could attend, but would like to review the material, we have put together a presentation that can be viewed online. While there are 4 separate topics, you will get the most benefit if you view them in the order.

The first presentation aims to give you some understanding of how investments are valued, the second is about quality investments and this is a major part of the Intralink approach and the fourth presentation (not presented yet) is about the economic or market conditions that can lead to large falls, that we seek to guard against.

Positioning, not Predicting is a very valuable if you want to understand what quality portfolio management is all about.

We live in a complex world, full of emotion and unexpected events. It seems reasonable to assume that the skill of investing is predicting the future, however this assumption is both wrong and can be damaging. It leads to poorly constructed portfolios and ineffective, often dangerous decisions. The biggest mistakes are made by those that are overconfident and do not realise or take into account all the things they do not know.

We focus the spotlight on many of the falsehoods and useless information that fill the financial press, and unfortunately drives most people’s investment decisions.

You are going to be very surprised by some of the information in this session and at times you will be shocked by the truth. By the conclusion, we hope you will be able to differentiate between baseless speculation (however confident or impressive it sounds) and sound strategy.

You will also gain a more detailed understanding about how we seek to generate returns, while protecting you from risks. It is about how we deal with a complex and uncertain world, rather than trying to make impossibly precise predictions and hoping for the best. We hope to provide you with a more realistic and effective way of thinking about your investment portfolio.

Our aim is to make for a more effective partnership with your adviser and these presentations give you the benefits of education, but with a real world practical focus. We strongly encourage you to review these presentations if you want a deeper understanding of what we do.