Quality Investing webinar

  • 24 Jun 2019
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Quality Investing webinar

Recently we had our second presentation of our Investor Masterclass series which we held in our Boardroom covering the topic "Quality Investing", for those that weren't able to attend, we have uploaded a webinar of Mark Serry's presentation.

Most people have little understanding of the complex world of investing and very often, those that think they do, can make big mistakes. You cannot just follow the news, as this will certainly lead you astray.

These sessions focus on crucial issues that have clear relevance to the real world of investing. It is certainly not just the standard text book investment theories.

At Intralink we focus on quality investments. This is a critical part of our investment approach aimed at proving the potential for good returns, while minimising the risk of unacceptable and irrecoverable losses.

This webinar explains why we focus on quality and what makes an investment high quality.

Mark explains the logic that our quality focus is based on and provide some real world examples to illustrate the points made.

We hope you enjoy the webinar:

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact our office on (03) 9629 1100.