Peter & Connie

  • 11 Mar 2021
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Thank you again for including Connie and I in your celebrations last week. I’ve been reflecting on the sentiments which underpinned your speech which reinforced our belief that Connie and I are privileged to be looked after by you and the whole Intralink team. I know you regard me as a born again socialist, which makes the Felix/ Oscar relationship even more unfathomable. However, despite the fact that you radiate conservative dogma, the real Paul King that I know came through on Thursday with strength and veracity. Indeed, the strength of Intralink lies in its culture of care and integrity. Culture always emanates from the top of organisations. This culture is why so many attendees last Thursday count you as a friend -what a great achievement. Could you pass on our thanks to your whole team and, particularly, to “our” team of Christian, Ngoc and Angela.