• 11 Mar 2021
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The Service at Intralink has been outstanding, accurate, professional, easy to understand and extremely beneficial in decision making. I was a novice investor and wanted to develop a varied and safe portfolio. I also wanted to provide a sound financial platform for my future and that of my family. Specifically to have enough money to put my children through private education. As a result I am less stressed about the future. Paul Sharkey gives me terrific advice on how my shares & investments are tracking. What to hold. What to do. How to preserve assets and how to manage my funds and my future investments. This is critical to me.Only that since meeting Paul I have developed strategies that have really helped me and my family. That I know I am in good hands which is reassuring in tough times like the present. That I trust him and know he is looking out for me and that I am not just a number to him. That this is about more to him than just a "deal" with a client.