The Art of the Deal

  • 08 Jun 2018
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The Art of the Deal

Constant Tweets, Tariffs, Iran, North Korea, insulting friends, hugging enemies and then flipping back again, this unpredictable president is on some levels the most effective US President we have seen for a long time. Who would have thought he could get the Saudis to talk increased oil production, which seems to be the result of a Trump Tweet? He is closer to achieving some success with North Korea than anyone before and China has promised to buy more US goods and has already reduced tariffs on car imports.

The downside is that he has only one game and while it may be more effective when dealing with countries that do not play by the rules, it is not a strategy that works well with friends. At this stage those friends are hoping that the Trump Presidency is just one term and they can wait it out. If Trump gets another term we might start to see how destructive this approach can be in terms of longer term cooperation and the vital institutions and accepted rules that have allowed the West to flourish.

In the end, setting sides against each other is never the best way to get the optimal outcome. Bill Shorten’s constant attempts to create class divides to win votes is an approach driven by pure self interest. We need people that create and own businesses or there will be no jobs for anyone. In a competitive world we want employers and employees working together, not trying to sabotage each other. What we need is real leadership who tries to represent the whole country, not power hungry politicians who will use any strategy, such as promoting disharmony to achieve their personal passion for power.

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