The Intralink Experience

The Intralink Experience

We’re proud of doing things differently at Intralink.

First and foremost, we put you and your goals front and centre in everything we do. We’ve designed a business model that helps us serve you better, based on the following principles:

Client First

It’s all about you – what kind of financial guidance you need, the specific goals you want to achieve, and a plan that makes good sense for you.

True Team Approach

When you partner with Intralink you’ll experience a team approach based on your unique situation. You’ll have a primary adviser and an individual client service specialist dedicated to your account. Alongside your direct contacts other advisers and investment professionals will be sweating the fine details of your plan, leaving you to focus on the things that are important to you.

Independent Thinking

Our company is owned, managed and controlled by our advisers. We will never let a large corporate ‘parent’ influence the advice we give. That means we can focus entirely on developing a plan that’s unbiased, conflict-free and tailored to your unique circumstances.

Commission Free

We don’t get paid for selling specific investment products, so you’ll never have to wonder whose interests are being served by our recommendations. Our independence means we’re free from the conflicts, limitations and pressures other firms face. That means we’ll always provide you with clear, understandable and unbiased advice. And we’ll always be upfront with our competitive fees, and ensure they’re aligned with your interests. We provide an independent service, we do not sell products.

Proactive Leadership

Life is rarely an uneventful journey. Making progress towards your goals can involve setbacks and unexpected potholes, and knowing the right financial decisions to take can be difficult. We’re committed to being a constant guide, staying on top of market changes and helping you to avoid pitfalls and maintain a steady course.

Thought Leaders

We didn’t find a better way by following the crowd. In a complex and ever-changing world we’re always on the lookout for new ways to enhance the guidance and services we provide. That may be through more efficient technology, educational programs or different types of investment opportunities. It’s all about adding value for our clients.


As your wealth manager we’ll translate your financial plan into manageable portions and ensure each one is implemented with optimum results. We’ll keep a keen eye on progress, suggest timely corrections and changes and make sure you’re on track to achieving your important life goals.


We are risk aware, with a dynamic approach to managing risk. We don’t like purely speculative investments and look to avoid unacceptable losses. If the risk is too high, the “potential” return is unlikely to be sufficient. We seek to help you understand the implications of any decisions and the risks involved, so you can make informed choices, but we don’t tend to encourage clients to make excessively risky investments.

Some more aggressive investors find us to be a very good sounding board, but if you really want to roll the dice, you’d be better off at the casino than an Intralink office!

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