What is Investor Masterclass

‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’ Benjamin Franklin.

As a valued Intralink client you’re partnered with a team of professionals passionately committed to improving your life. We do that by securing your financial security, helping you reach important life goals, and by providing sound financial guidance.

It’s what has made us a leading wealth management firm.

But there’s another aspect to our service that marks us as very different to others in the market. At Intralink, we believe enabling better informed, more financially literate clients is a critical part of our mission.

Put simply, we want to make you a smarter investor.

And here’s how. Throughout 2019 we’ll be presenting an ongoing content series designed to help you understand the investment ecosystem in greater depth. Some of it will be shared via email, and some as in-house presentations but it will all be practical, useful information and insights that we know you’ll find valuable.

We call it our Investor Masterclass.

The package will include:

  • Monthly educational emails
  • Specific emails related to hot topical issues
  • In-house presentations including market and economic updates, investment themes and a range of educational and strategic planning topics

  • All presentations will also have an accompanying online version that you can review at any time
  • This is in addition to ongoing content like portfolio updates, Quarterly Reviews and face-to-face meetings.

Intralink’s Investor Masterclass will be valuable, shareable content that will lead to deeper discussions, greater insights and ultimately, better decision-making. It will allow you to get ahead of the news cycle and see where the market winds are blowing well before the ‘post-event’ reportage happens.

Importantly, we know that the Investor Masterclass needs to be a two way conversation.

Our job won’t be complete until you’re completely clear on what the information means for you and your long-term goals, and how it might impact your investment strategies.

That famous American polymath Benjamin Franklin nailed it back in the mid-1700’s – one of the most important investments you can make is in deepening your knowledge. We hope you’ll enjoy the many benefits of our Investor Masterclass in the following months.

For more information call your Intralink adviser on 03 9629 1100.

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