What sets us apart?

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Selecting the ‘right’ wealth management firm is a very important and individual decision.

Clearly no single company can satisfy everybody’s needs, so we do not expect to be a perfect fit for every prospective client.

However our focus is to help you understand where you are going and how to get there. We believe that our credentials make us the best choice for individuals and families with unique situations and complex needs, and who are prepared to embrace our values and approach.

Our highly-valued and loyal clients tell us that what sets us apart from others in our field include:

  • Our independence
  • Our integrated in-house service offering
  • Our pro-active approach to client service
  • Our personalised client relationships

At Intralink, we believe these characteristics are the direct result of the talented, professional and dedicated team that we have built, the skills and expertise that we bring to our clients, and our unwavering focus on our clients’ needs.

It’s these hard-won and all-too-rare qualities, consistently applied over many years, that have made Intralink today’s leading independent wealth-management firm.

Please call us to discuss in more detail how we can assist you in planning and implementing a tailor-made program for your retirement and wealth creation needs.

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