The Intralink Way

Our philosophy has always been to look after the client first and foremost. Of course, that is easy to say, but how do we deliver on that and why are we different from the rest?

We do this in a number of very distinct ways:

  • Intralink is proudly independent. We have no vested interests, no ties to the ‘big players’, and no commission products to promote that might influence decisions we make.
  • Intralink is equipped with its own AFS licence which provides the freedom to pursue genuine outcomes on behalf of clients whilst building their wealth confidently over time.
  • Our advice is ‘strategy driven’, not based on ‘products’ and a one-size-fits-all approach. This means you get the very best solutions that are individually tailored to you, rigorously designed and tested to meet your needs and objectives.
  • We have a small number of clients per adviser to ensure a strong relationship and high service levels.
  • We have a passion for educating our clients, so they can make informed decisions. We have an ongoing commitment to staying at the leading edge with regular training and professional development. Not all firms have this commitment, which brings into question their ability to truly protect your investments.
  • We believe that with over 30+ years of experience the only effective way to truly protect the interests of our clients and to optimise their wealth planning, is through active management of their funds. It defies understanding that in volatile markets some financial planners can seek to justify a ‘set-and-forget” approach to their clients’ money. In contrast, we have our own in-house management team dedicated to managing our clients’ portfolios. We do this to make timely decisions on behalf of our clients.
  • To ensure we make informed decisions in a timely manner, our clients’ investment portfolios are actively managed on a daily basis.